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Opportunities in Highland

From World Championship competitions to international tattoos and the annual Disney dancing trip, highland dancing brings a wealth of opportunity to each and every dancer.

Over the years, our highland dancers have had the honour of performing in the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo, at major sport events and on TV and around the world.

Our Tattoo Dance Company has been developed to promoteĀ  Highland Dancing on the centre stage of the majestic Edinburgh Castle esplanade. They have delighted International audiences with both a traditional and modern twist on Highland Dancers and are in huge demand to perform at events world-wide.

Watch the Dance Company perform and marvel in the excitement that modern Highland Dancing can offer.

Ready to get started?

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Highland Dancing classes provide the perfect learning environment for all ages both male and female and can help deliver physical and mental health benefits.

Youngsters will gain life skills of musicality, movement and co-ordination and gain friendships that will last a life-time. Older dancers will enjoy the friendliness of our dance classes building on flexibility and muscle development.

We have over 70 dance schools listed and available for lessons now. Give it a go and we are sure you will love it!